Richie Call Me Dick's Offseason Plan on a budget

[Richie Call Me Dick]’s Offseason Plan

Here’s how the White Sox’s payroll breaks down going in:

  • Obligations: $126.85M to nine players.

  • Options: $22 to two players ($1M in buyouts)

  • Arb-eligible: $19.1M to seven players.

If we re-signed everyone we’d be at our limit. But what fun is that kids? The good news is that the Sox should win the division. As Atlanta showed, you can win your weak division with less than 90 wins, go 31-37 against winning teams, and still win the World Series. However, you can’t win if you don’t get there so let’s not blow up the team that got there. A tweak here, a push there, a kick in the ass here, and presto, you have a world series.

Arbitration-eligibles (Spend 13.9)

Jimmy Cordero (rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, return uncertain) $1.2 million Non-tender. Offer minor league deal.
Adam Engel $2.2 million. Tender
Jace Fry $1 million. Tender
Lucas Giolito $7.9 million. Tender
Brian Goodwin $1.7 million. Non-Tender
Reynaldo López $2.8 million. Tender
Evan Marshall (just underwent TJS, extremely unlikely to pitch in 2022) $2.3 million. Non-Tender. Offer Minor league contract.

Impending Free Agents (spend $0)

Leury García (2021 contract: $3.5 million). Can’t afford.
Billy Hamilton (2021 contract: $1 million). No.
Ryan Tepera (2021 contract: $950,000). Can’t Afford.
Carlos Rodón (2021 contract: $3 million; Spotrac market value is $24.1 million). QO of 18.4 mil. If Carlos can get 24 mil a year, I’m sure he’s gone and we get a draft pick. I wouldn’t sign him to such a contract based on his history but if he was willing to sign a contract for 4 years at 15 mil/year, I may take the risk.


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Team Contract Options (Spend 1 mil)

Pick up, decline, or rework the deal — and explain any tough or complicated calls.

Craig Kimbrel $16 million (or a $1 million buyout) Buyout
César Hernández $6 million (no buyout but goodbye)

Free agents Add 43.5M

Max Scherzer (three years, $100 million). Pitching wins games and nobody does it better. Even though he’s 37, he’s the ace of any staff. Of course, blowing our load on one guy makes it difficult to stay within budget without dumping some dead weight. (contract is 29 plus 4 deferred,33,34). 35m seems too rich. I’m not buying it. Luckily Max had deferred salary before and this time, he wants to be part of this team and stick it to the Tigers!

Eddie Rosario (The Adam Eaton Contract). Rosario’s price may have gone up due to his playoff run. So, with inflation (it’s not just at the gas pump) we sign a 1 year 10 million dollar deal with a team option for 10.5 mil.

Trades (Lose 18 million gain 575,000)

Dallas Keuchel for Keon Wong. The Angels are hurting for pitching. Keuchel needs a change of scenery and the owner in LA can afford the 18 mil. Wong is a lottery ticket at 26. In AAA he hit .338 but floundered at the big leagues at .167. He’s a good second baseman but the Angels have Fletcher. He is not to be confused with his brother Kolten.


1. Anderson SS
2. Moncada 3B
3. Robert CF
4. Abreu 1B
5. Grandal C
6. Jimenez LF
7. Rosario RF
Engel RF
8. Sheets DH
Burger DH
9. Wong 2B

Bench: Romy Gonzalez, Collins, Burger/Sheets, Engel/Rosario

Rotation: Scherzer, Giolito, Lynn, Cease, Kopech

Bullpen: Hendriks, Bummer, Burr, Ruiz, Fry, Lopez, Crochet, Lambert

Rosario and a healthy Engel solve the right field problem. I can foresee Engel playing virtually every game starting some in RF, giving Robert a break in CF and subbing defensively with Eloy or Rosario leaving every game late. Engel owes us 162 games this year after those hamstring problems kept him out all year. Vaughn is going to AAA and may be available as a mid-season callup. In the meantime, Sheets and Burger get a chance to shine. Burger can spell Moncada at 3B and Sheets can do the same for Abreu. If Wong struggles, Romy is the first man up with Yolbert Sanchez and Jose Rodriguez waiting in the wings.

With this rotation, the team competes no matter who is at second. If Rodon accepts the QO, the extra money that would have gone to Scherzer would be spent on another free agent. Perhaps Castellanos instead of Rosario? Maybe we go shopping in Japan for one of their pitchers. Sugano settled for 10 mil a year and would fit into the rotation with Kopech pushed back to a spot starter. I don’t think Rodon will accept the QO but you’ve got to ask. Bottom line payroll is 168 million with Max deferring salary. He’s done it before and he’ll do it again to play in the World Series again.

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