RIP LaMarr Hoyt

Drafted by Yankees in 73 and traded with Oscar Gamble to the Sox while still a minor leaguer in 1977. We gave up Bucky Dent who would hit a famous homer at the end of that season for the Yankees.

Once called up to the varsity he showed a great knack for winning games. 9-3, 9-3, 19-15, and of course 24-10 and a Cy Young in the magical 1983 which was the year that cemented my Sox fandom.

One measly run in any one of the first 9 innings of game four and we give the ball back to LaMarr for game 5 and since he hadn't lost since late July we were confident. Incidentally, the Sox had a runner on base in all 10 innings of that famous game, please don't blame Jerry Dybzinski.

Not sure how many pitchers lead the league in wins one season and losses the next but in that disastrous season LaMarr did just that.

He got traded a year later, He was an All Star again, but things wouldn't go to well after that.

He passed away from cancer at age 66 and will remain a fan favorite for many of us.

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