This plan is to maximize the White Sox window for the next 2 years with players that fall off the payroll for 2024 and balance a RH heavy team.


Jimmy Cordero $1.2 million NON TENDER

Adam Engel $2.2 million TENDER

Jace Fry $1 million NONTENDER

Lucas Giolito $7.9 million TENDER

Brian Goodwin $1.7 million NONTENDER

Reynaldo López $2.8 million TENDER

Evan Marshall (just underwent TJS, ) $2.3 million NONTENDER

Impending Free Agents

Leury García (2021 contract: $3.5 million) RESIGN (4 Million)

Billy Hamilton (2021 contract: $1 million) CUT LOOSE

Ryan Tepera (2021 contract: $950,000) RESIGN ( 2 Years/ 10 Million )

Carlos Rodón (2021: $3 mill; market value is $24.1 mill) QUALIFYING OFFER

Team Contract Options

Craig Kimbrel $16 million (or a $1 million buyout) Option Picked up

César Hernández $6 million (no buyout) Decline

Free agents

Pedro Severino 2 Years/ 5 Million

Real Defensive Backup for Grandal.


1. Kuechel, Burger, Adolfo, Lambert to the Rockies.

Blackmon, McMahon and 10 million to the White Sox for 2023

Shopping Dallas was the first step in this Offseason plan. Finding a team with a contract that was worse but still helps the Sox was hard to do but i think i found the perfect location. Colorado in a constant state of flux in the rotation and after losing Arenado and Story in the past year now trade Blackmon and his 2 year player option at 18 million to the Sox in return for Dallas and his one year to give the Rotation some innings and the young pitchers guidance. To take on the extra year of Blackmons salary and get them to throw in money we are getting McMahon to man second base the next couple of years while throwing in Burger, Lambert and Adolfo who are blocked and can battle for starting spots this year with Colorado.

Blackmon 270/351/411

McMahon 254/331/449 with plus defense

2. Vaughn, Stiever, Sheets, Collins go to Athletics

Olson, Manaea, Davidson (#12 Prospect) to White Sox

My next step was to shop our most valuable trade piece for the 22 season and find a team that would value him more than others. 5 years left on the rookie deal on a local kid who skipped 3 levels of minors and looks like the real deal hitter is so much more valuable to a team with even less money to spend than us. I see the A's trading both corner infield pieces this winter to lower salary as well as their 2 top SP. I asked for Davidson as well as he is their 4th SS in the minors and a switch hitter up the middle player.

Olson at 12 with one year after that is going to be more and Manaea at 10 in his last year are the perfect pieces to add that are pricing themselves out of Oakland.

If we have to add one of the high school RHP we drafted recently to get this done i say yes as this is the big trade that puts us in the drivers seat in the AL for the next 2 years.

3. Kimbrel to the Phillies

Lindlow and J Martinez to the White Sox

Phillies looking to lock down the back of the bullpen and we get #26 and #28 LHP in their farm system to take flyers on. I think we have to add 5 million to make this work though.



C: Grandal ($18.25)
1B: Abreu ($18)
2B: McMahon ($5)
3B: Moncada ($13)
SS: Anderson ($9.5)
LF: Jimenez ($6.5)
CF: Robert ($6)
RF: Blackmon ($18)
DH: Olson ($12)
BN: Garcia ($4)
BN: Mendick ($600k)
BN: Engel ($2.2)
BN: P. Severino ($2.5)

SP: Giolito ($7.9)
SP: Lynn ($18.5)
SP: Cease ($600k)
SP: Kopech ($600k)
SP: Lopez ($2.8)
SP: Manaea ($10)
RP: Foster (600k)
RP: Crochet ($600k)
RP: Ruiz ($600k)
RP: Tepera ($5)
RP: Severino ($600k)
RP: Bummer ($2.5)
RP: Hendriks ($13)

*RP: Burr ($600k)


The Lineup of


is much more balanced against RHP and will punish any pitcher in the league no matter what hand they throw with. I think it also allows 2b, RF, and LF open in 2 years when Eloy moves to DH and Colas, Cespedes, Yolbert and others are ready to step into the lineup when we dont spend to retain the players we just traded for.

I like the Rotation with Lopez getting the spot start and Crochet the long reliever, stretching him out to take Manaea's spot in the following year. I would like to work out an extension with Giolito at 4/100 that starts next year buying out his last ARB year and keeping him through the window of contention.

TEAM SALARY $ 178.85

Perfect for a team that will make 500 million when they sweep the series.

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