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Introducing the Miñoso League!

The lockout provides a perfect opportunity to jump-start our staff pickup game — and you can participate, too!

The South Side Sox staff, plus site supporters, are lacing it back up in the Miñoso League at Armour Square Park.
Year of the Hamster/South Side Sox

Taking a cue from something we started back at our independent South Side Hit Pen site, our staff and supporters are back playing pickup ball!

Yes, the Miñoso League at Armour Square Park is back.

We only got a couple of games in when we first started the league in 2020. (Scott Reichard, Joe Resis and I all enjoyed MVP performances in the early going.) And maybe disinterest will befall MLB Mach 2 as we turn toward 2022. But hey, why not fire it up again?

If you’re interested in participating, you can support the league and enter play at any time. I’ll keep an eye out for any of you who show up with your gloves, and I’ll be in touch.

The roster of teams is trimmed down to four due to thin pitching, but there are spots available for depth on each team. Who knows, the Chinatown Grinders could re-enter the league again as a fifth club!

So as to not muck up our regular White Sox news feed (even during these dreary lockout days), results of games will be posted over on the right rail, as Fanposts. The plan will be to post a game every few days, beginning today, on Christmas night. Maybe I’ll even be able to get some of our other writers to dust off their recapping chops for guest commentary.

The current rosters:

Armour Square Nine
Tommy Barbee, SS
Keelin Billue, CF
Darrin Brown, 1B/RP
James Fox, 3B
Amber Giese, C
Zach Hayes, 2B/SP
Chrystal O’Keefe, 2B/RP
Trevor Lines, SS
Scott Reichard, RF
Delia Ritchie, C/SP
Tim Ryder, CF
Janice Scurio, LF/SP
Sam Sherman, LF
David Smith, 2B
Colleen Sullivan, 1B

Bridgeport Hit Men
Brett Ballantini, SS/SP
Darren Black, C/SP
Leonard Gore, 3B
Whitney Hale, LF/RP
Hannah LaMotta, 1B
Tyrone Palmer, C
Pointerbabe, 2B
Dick Reillo, LF
Joe Resis, 2B
Ashley Sanders, CF/SP
Ali White, 2B
White Sox Man, LF
Year of the Hamster, LF/RP

Douglas South Siders
Leigh Allan, SS
Will Allan, 2B/SP
Di Billick, 1B
Rob Colletti, 2B
Kim Contreras, C
John Gorlewski, LF
Jacki Krestel, 1B/SP
Bill Meincke, 3B
Rachael Millanta, 1B/SP
Mitch Ransdell, LF
Luke Smailes, LF
Trooper Galactus, 2B
Laura Wolff, CF/RP

Red Line Go-Gos
Kristina Airdo, SS
Phil Banting, 1B/SP
Julie Brady, RF/RP
Dante Jones, SS
Jeremy Karll, 2B
Jason Kinander, LF
Mark Liptak, LF/SP
Lurker Laura, LF/SP
Eric Perez, 3B
Celeste Radogno, 1B/RP
Nello Rubio, CF
Owen Schoenfeld, CF
Adrian Serrano, C
Sean Williams, 3B