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Today in White Sox History: December 5

Bobby Bonds arrives — briefly.

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
It was a short stay on the South Side for Bobby Bonds.
Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images


Chalk this one up to White Sox owner Bill Veeck.

Knowing he needed a drawing card and a big bat to replace Richie Zisk and Oscar Gamble, Veeck dealt future All-Star Brian Downing and pitchers Chris Knapp and Dave Frost to California. He got back Bobby Bonds and two youngsters, Thad Bosley and Rich Dotson. Bonds would only play in 26 games for the White Sox, with two home runs and eight RBIs, before he was dealt to Texas in May. Chicago’s record was a dismal 9-20 at the time, and Veeck understood there was no way he was going to be able to re-sign Bonds.

At least Dotson turned out to be of value in the 80’s, winning in double-figures six times, headed up by his 22-7 year in 1983. He also made the All-Star team in 1984.


The Illinois General Assembly passed legislation allowing funds to be given to the White Sox in connection with the construction of a new stadium across the street from the original Comiskey Park.