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South Side Sox Podcast 77 — Minnie’s In! and Other Hall of Fame Observations

Adrian Serrano and Joe Resis join Brett Ballantini to discuss the Cuban Comet’s long-delayed invitation to Cooperstown, and more on the Veterans’ ballots.

Cooperstown granted Adrian Serrano at least part of his Soxivus miracle on Sunday, as Minnie Miñoso was elected off of the Golden Days Era ballot.

There was a lot of good (Minnie!) and some bad (Dick Allen falls short!), and Joe Resis and Brett Ballantini join in the fun, talking ballots and even winding up with a little bit of SSS Veterans’ ballot chat:

  • Bittersweet timing, but Minnie is finally in. How much did the Negro Leagues recognition earlier this year play a role?
  • Another thing the Golden Days Era Committee got right (unlike the Early Baseball Committee) was taking a loaded ballot and making sure four players got in — is this the new trend?
  • Allen fell one vote short, for the second straight try; not if but when for him, but jeez, it’s been 21 ballots for him now
  • Will Billy Pierce gain support similar to Minnie’s in future elections?
  • Southpaw speed round: Who gets in the Hall first, Mark Buehrle or Pierce?
  • SSS has pivoted on how it puts together its “loaded” Veterans’ ballots; should Cooperstown take note?

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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