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A Top White Sox (Anagram) Prospect Was Bartered for Hulk

Dive into the 2021 White Sox roster in a word-puzzling way!

Spring Training begins in a week, so it seems a fine time to get to better know the White Sox roster ...

... with anagrams.

With a hat-tip to other SBN sites having the same puzzling fun, we’re using the Internet Anagram Server to create anagrams for everyone on the 40-man roster.

In some cases, punctuation was added, and the actual roster here is completely mixed up and then reordered alphabetically by anagram. If you do figure anyone out and want to post the answer in comments, please put the player’s name behind a spoiler bar so that everyone can enjoy.

Note: There is no Jr. in Bernardo Flores. And there are three utter nonsense anagrams that did not use all-English words, as the players’ names broke the generator.

Have fun!

Ad Bid Ruck
A Job Reuse
Algae Mend
All-Zinc Sock
Aroma Number
As Joint Than Ever
Bartered for Hulk
Blander Roofers
Boiler Rust
Breaker Jug
By Zeas Lava
Candy Kind, Men
Catch, Get Terror
Clear Air Guy
Coach Hemp-Like
Diagram Clink
Douche Ire
Drama Analysing
Eat a Nomad
Halve Slam Ram
Inhaled Smirk
Jab Melt Rim, My
Ja, Fercy
Jest, Horn Only
Karmic Fooled
Lie ’Em Zen, Joy
Loaned Zero Ply
Logical Is Out
Many on a Coda
Mercy, Rid Mojo
Misery Men Creed
Nanny Cell
Nuzzle Oil, Gas
Racoons, Lord
Scandal Eye
Shackle Allude
Tamest Fort
Uzi Rose, J
Vegan Heists