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2021 South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 88: Wilber Sánchez

The less-heralded Sánchez has impressed so far in his young career

Wilber Sánchez (Sports Pro Services/YouTube)

Wilber Sánchez

160 pounds
Age: 19
SSS rank among all shortstops in the system: 7
2020 SSHP Top Prospect ranking: 88

Sánchez, a native of Venezuela, received a signing bonus from the White Sox in 2019, to little fanfare. With that said, despite the fact that he was the lesser-known Sánchez on the DSL squad, he still found a way to make a name for himself.

In 52 games totaling 177 at-bats, Sánchez slashed .288/.391/.395 with 13 doubles, three triples, 25 RBIs, 13 stolen bases, 28 walks (13.5%) and 33 strikeouts (15.9%). Interestingly, Sánchez fared far better versus righties (.304/.416/.415) than he did southpaws (.238/.304/.333). Sánchez was about seven months younger than his competition, so there’s nothing fluky about his stats.

When Yolbert Sánchezjoined the team later in the season, Wilber moved over to second base, where he played fairly well. He made a combined 13 errors in 2019, which could likely be attributable to his youth and perhaps the quality of the playing field. Sánchez should be getting regular reps for the AZL squad in 2021.