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The Big Blurt Podcast 3 — The Best Skyline, Chicago or Chili?

Rob Colletti and Bill Meincke welcome SNL alum, musician/comedian and Cincinnati native Luke Null to the podcast

Luke “The Truth” Null hops on with Rob Colletti and Bill Meincke to provide that necessary Cincinnati Reds perspective to the offseason proceedings.

But, Skyline Chili aside, the trio brought the heat:

  • The sad-sack story of young Luke’s miserable sports existence, tied to Cincinnati sports. The Reds and Bengals can’t even concoct a strong lovable loser narrative, like Cleveland
  • Living in Wrigleyville as the Cubs rose to prominence, crushing the dreams of all humanity
  • The Jerry Reinsdorf Secret
  • The start of spring training, and why no one should trust the glowing beat writer and manager assessments of players ... in mid-February
  • Why the NL Central is going to be ass
  • The Reds/White Sox relationship

Tune in, get excited, grab some skyline chili or a Chicago dog because baseball is around the corner!

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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