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North Side Sox Podcast 9: Raising Arizona

With spring training on the horizon, Jim Callis joins Sam and Janice to talk prospects!

Spring Training is here! And no one could be more excited about it than us.

Well, maybe there is one person. So we asked him to come on our podcast.

Our guest, Jim Callis of, has been covering the draft and prospects since 1988, and graciously shared his thoughts on the White Sox, and where he sees some of the names we’ve been watching, and what we can expect for the club’s future.

In this live-wire of a conversation, we discuss:

  • Andrew Vaughn: Can he jump to the big leagues and offer the expected amount of production in the DH spot with little minor league experience?
  • With Jace Fry starting the season on the injured list, Garrett Crochet has an opportunity to dazzle once again, as he did last year. What’s his ceiling, and long-term starter potential?
  • Michael Kopech is returning, and boy, are we thrilled. We haven’t seen him pitch since last spring, however; what’s his role in a full 162-game season?
  • Find out who Jim thinks is the all-time White Sox prospect bust — and how he may potentially still find success!
  • Jim also identifies his White Sox sleeper prospect, and why we should be talking about this player more.
  • We also briefly discuss the music scene in 1980’s Athens, GA, and the current state of time travel technology to send Sam back to experience it all.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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Be sure to follow the pod on Twitter at @NorthSideSoxPod, Janice at @scuriiosa, and Jim at @jimcallisMLB!