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Tuesday’s White Sox Spring Training Update

Adam Eaton weighs in, and there are early reports of some favorites to crack the starting lineup

Chicago White Sox Summer Workout Ron Vesely/Getty Images

The White Sox will claim they are not taunting us back under the permafrost in Chicago. But the video opens with palm trees ...

Don’t look away, Adam Eaton has good things to say about TA!

(It is pretty fun to note the before-and-after Eaton has had with Anderson, with Eaton noting how quiet, even shy, TA was in coming up to the White Sox — and how he’s a hyper motormouth now.)

A couple of days ago, we linked Yoán Moncada’s debut single, “Disastre Personal,” in the ST notes. Things just got a little bit nuttier:

José Abreu’s appearance at camp has been delayed. Hopefully just a hiccup ...

It’s not exactly a news flash, but NBC Sports handicaps Carlos Rodón as the favorite for the No. 5 starter spot (Dylan Cease as No. 4, of course).

Meanwhile at the Trib, the report is that Andrew Vaughn is looking like the DH, but “he’s in pencil, not ink.”

Seems like this could be a really cool one — or at least we’ll get to see Tony La Russa Mach 2 — tomorrow on Sox Spring Break, which features a Coaches Roundtable with Tony, Frank Menechino and Ethan Katz, tomorrow at 3-3:30 p.m. Central.