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2021 South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 71: Frander Veras

Sometimes, it’s mostly just about potential

Frander Veras himself contacted us, via White Sox education coordinator Erin Santana, to supply a better photo ... than a 2009 picture of Jermaine Dye getting beaned by José Veras (no relation).
Frander Veras

Frander Veras

Right-Handed Relief Pitcher
180 pounds
Age: 22
SSS rank among all right-handed relief pitchers in the system: 9

Signed in 2019 and with just one lukewarm pro season in the DSL under him, Frander Veras is the epitome of raw potential. He’s got size, at 6´5´´, and a whip-crack fastball that FanGraphs reports can hit 96 mph. FanGraphs’ Eric Longenhagen also notes that Veras has a changeup with late sink, which is an uncommon skill for a young DSL hurler.

Ranking prospects is always a balancing act between potential and resumé, and Veras scales the organizational ladder this high based on the former. But the prospect managed to scratch his way into Longenhagen’s viewfinder as a guy with just 20 Dominican games under his belt. That’s promise we can get behind.

Please note that No. 72 on our list, Lane Ramsey, was published back on January 12.