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Where the White Sox Like to Eat When They’re in Arizona

An airline magazine-style guide to the players’ preferred eats in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area

When we think of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area (GPMA), we think of the smog, the crime, and the endless, stellar, business-casual restaurants. From Arby’s to Zaxby’s, the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area has it all. That’s why it has become a food haven among the MLB squads fortunate enough to spend the spring there.

We took the opportunity to sit down with some of the current White Sox players and coaches to get their thoughts and Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area faves.

Tim Anderson (SS)

“If you haven’t had the F***kin’ Onion from the GPMA Outback Steakhouse, then you might as well just commit now to eating garbage the rest of your life. That’s STEAK TALK, baby!”

Lucas Giolito (SP)

“I’d have to say my favorite place is the 7-Eleven near the hotel. They have those loaded nachos for only a couple bucks. And it says there are four in the order, but sometimes they give you five by accident. I gotta pinch my pennies a bit because ... well ... you know ... arbitration track.”

Zack Collins (future minor leaguer)

“I really like going to the In N’ Out burger here because the ‘Out’ part of the sign is burned out. And so I don’t have to get reminded about what happened in all my at-bats that day.”

Adam Eaton (OF)

“I told you guys two minutes. I’m not gonna talk about that. OK? Alright guys, see ya later.”

Tony La Russa (manager)

“The GPMA is truly the best for fine dining. The Applebees has a drive-through. Can you imagine that? You can enjoy a Mississippi Mudslide martini on the drive home!”

José Abreu (1B)

“I don’t need to eat food. I was born this size and I remain gloriously jacked. I also don’t require sleep. You mortals, ahem, I mean media, are so out of touch. But I hear the Pizza Hut has a decent lunch buffet.”

Adam Engel (OF)

“Well, to be honest, it’s a really hard town to get a reservation. I always call the local Bob Evans and say I’m a baseball player and then they say, ‘Who?’ and then I say, ‘Adam Engel,’ and then they say, ‘Nice try, we have never heard of you, nerd,’ and then they hang up.”

Eloy Jiménez (DH-only)

“I love it here, because we are so close to Mexico and can get the authentic tastes that they don’t have in Cuba. If you get a chance, you must try the ‘Taco Bell.’ If it’s too crowded, try ‘El Pollo Loco.’ And if that’s not an option, check out ‘Chipotle.’ It’s a little fancier, so sneak in your own drink.”

Dallas Keuchel (SP)

“There’s a reason my parents didn’t name me ‘Phoenix Keuchel,’ and that’s because all this talk about the GPMA having the best business casual restaurants is bulls**t. Everyone knows Dallas is the real champ. There are seven T.G.I. Fridays within the city limits of Dallas. SEVEN! Dane Dunning is feasting like a king right now.”

Reynaldo López (future minor leaguer)

“I’m not there yet. I think Phoenix is in the corner of the state, and I’m not very good at hitting the corners.”

Luis Robert (OF)

“I’m not old enough to sit in the bar area with the other guys yet, but when I am, I’m never gonna leave the GPMA Chili’s. El Presidente Margarita ... La Pantera is coming for ya!”

Aaron Bummer (closer ... anywhere but Chicago)

“I only eat at the KFC on the way home from the stadium. It’s the only place nowadays where you can get a left-handed spork.”