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North Side Sox Podcast 8: Minnesota Nice

Janice and Sam talk to Dan Hayes about how recent Twins acquisitions shift the power dynamic in the AL Central

Hot dish is on the Hot Stove!

The Minnesota Twins remain the final boss fight in the South Side’s quest to take the AL Central. With the offseason additions made by the Twins, how has their team dynamic shifted, and will the White Sox have to grasp for power-ups?

To provide us with an inside look (cheat codes?) at the Twins, we’re graciously joined by The Athletic’s Dan Hayes.

  • We were big Nelson Cruz fans for a little while here at North Side Sox, but that enthusiasm was short-lived. Cruz returned to Minnesota on a one-year, $13 million deal, but we found out through Dan that it was about just more than the money. We ask Dan about the Twins hiring Cruz’s personal chef.
  • Semi-related: the Twins have counter-punched the offseason moves made by the White Sox by acquiring new-old friend Alex Colomé for a one-year, $5 million deal. What is Minnesota’s plan for him?
  • A known film buff, Dan tells us his top movie picks of 2020! Sam offers his, and Janice talks about her lack of an attention span.
  • We break down the flat-circle return of Carlos Rodón, the addition of framing guru Jerry Narron to the White Sox coaching staff, and the acquisition of Jonathan Lucroy to a minor league deal.
  • If you’re sick of hearing about it, we’re sick of it still happening: We discuss the optics of the Mets firing Jared Porter, only to intend to sign Trevor Bauer, and the mess that followed.

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And for more of an inside look at our division rivals, follow Dan Hayes @DanHayesMLB. Also be sure to follow the pod on Twitter, @NorthSideSoxPod!