Spring Training Group Tickets

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

SSS friends, I'm looking at going to a few spring training games later in March but I've run into a snag. It seems that you need to buy tickets in groups (which makes sense under the circumstances). That being said, I'm vaccinated but none of my friends are yet so I was just going to take the games in solo.

So I thought I'd check and see if anyone else is in a similar boat. I'd be happy to pay market rate/whatever you paid for the tickets if you already have a spare, not looking to get a handout but just don't love the idea of having to buy multiple tickets for just myself to get in the door.

I'll be looking for games March 21-23. I'm also up for going to go the evening games for other teams if you have an extra ticket for those you're looking to sell.

[Brett here, if there are connections to be made, leave info in the comments ... I can connect interested ticketholders to Grinder behind the scenes, so no one has to leave ID info on site.]

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