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2021 South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 52: Yoelvin Silven

The hallmark of this young reliever? Control

Sean Williams/South Side Sox

Yoelvin Silven

Right-Handed Relief Pitcher
176 pounds
Age: 22
SSS rank among all right-handed relief pitchers in the system: 6
SSHP 2020 Top Prospect Rank: 70

Yoelvin Silven began with the DSL White Sox in 2018 and was a hard-luck hurler, finishing 1-8 during an infamously bad 18-54 season. It was his stellar 3.66 ERA, along with his age, that got him a Stateside assignment the next year.

In 2019, Silven was younger than league average for Arizona, but rocked a 3.48 ERA in 15 games in the Rookie League. In a short (three games) cup of coffee with Great Falls in High-Rookie that year, the youngster was roughed up a bit, to the tune of five earned runs and a 6.43 ERA.

But that was an aggressive advance for him, placing Silven a full year-and-a-half younger than Pioneer League average. Perhaps more importantly, Silven’s control has been stellar at every level as a pro. His 5.65 strikeouts per walk puts him in the 93rd percentile among his peers per Baseball-Cube.

That bodes well for his future. While Silven will need to find his third pitch as he advances into Single-A bullpens, his fallback of stellar control should keep him around for a full auditions into his mid-20s at a minimum.

Silven should start at Kannapolis, but depending on other promotions at W-S, could be a member of the Dash by summer’s end.