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Sharing Sox Podcast 27: When Is 1-6-3 Not a DP Edition

And a couple of Nicks in our armor

SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, wonder where all those starting pitchers have disappeared to instead of being in games so far this spring, whilst also wondering about the rant of Lance Lynn, one of the starters who did pitch this week and barely managed at one stretch to keep a bunch of his pitches in easy driving distance of the plate.

From pitching, we wander into the hitters who are and the hitters who aren’t so far, which naturally leads to the still-missing Yasmani Grandal and the plethora of backup catcher candidates, which in turns leads to the philosophy of catching on one knee and why it’s scary to think of Zack Collins trying that with men on base.

Which, just for snicks, brings us to two questions about Nicks.

First, just how are you really supposed to pronounce Nick Madrigal’s last name? No announcers seem to be able to agree, which leaves the rest of us at a loss as to whether the accent is on the first or last syllable, or maybe not there at all.

Second, could Nick Williams be the best choice for 26th man? Williams has only had five at-bats so far, but hitting .600 with a double sure would seem like a reason to give him more spring shots against actual major league pitchers to see if he might be the pleasant surprise of the spring and the left-handed bench bat the Sox need.

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