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Gamethread: White Sox vs. Angels

Is a win a week too much to ask?

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Jimmy Lambert in one of his two MLB innings.
Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Hey, it’s spring training, right? So ...

The White Sox are 1-8-3, by far the worst record of any team? It doesn’t matter.

The offense is near the bottom in batting average, OPS and homers? It doesn’t matter.

The Sox have scored the fewest runs of any team, by a nice, wide margin? It doesn’t matter.

You thought maybe it was because the starters weren’t playing, only to find out the top average belongs to an NRI and four of the next five are fighting to be the backup catcher? It doesn’t matter.

Since he opened spring with a hit, our ex-batting champ shortstop has one more hit than error? It doesn’t matter.

Our MVP first baseman, coming off a COVID delay, is really struggling, which reminds you too much of our third baseman last year? It doesn’t matter.

Our starting catcher, who was supposed to be back in action a couple of days after tweaking his knee, but is only now emerging, only as a DH, two weeks later, reminding you how desperately the team needs him? It doesn’t matter.

Our second baseman, delayed by injury recovery, has two at-bats and then disappears? It doesn’t matter.

On the pitching side, Lucas Giolito has looked really good? That doesn’t matter, either.

No other prospective starter has managed multiple good appearances? It doesn’t matter.

Dallas Keuchel mysteriously missing the whole spring, with no reasonable explanation from the Hall-of-Famer Baseball Person? It doesn’t matter.

The HOFBP says Keuchel doesn’t need much season prep because he’s a veteran, but somehow hasn’t had the non-veteran Dylan Cease pitch yet, either? It doesn’t matter.

Most of the bullpen-to-be looking very good? It doesn’t matter.

Most of the relievers that will be called up if someone gets hurt looking bad? It doesn’t matter.

You want today’s lineup? It doesn’t matter.

But here it is, anyway, loaded with regulars and with Jimmy Lambert on the mound for some reason.

As for the Angels, they’re starting their multi-tasker:

J. Jay, DH
F. Barreto, 3B
J. Walsh, 1B
T. Ward, RF
L. Rengifo, SS
J. Lagares, LF
K. Suzuki, C
J. Adell, CF
J. Rojas, 2B
S. Ohtani, SP

And we’ve also got our guy in Arizona, Sean Williams, shooting the game for us in the photo pit!

Game time 2:05 p.m. Central. Actually on TV! NBC Sports Chicago.