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South Side Sox Player of the Week: Andrew Vaughn

Nope, this is not a duplicate post from seven days ago!

Mitch Ransdell/South Side Sox

Déjà vu, all over again. With another week of Cactus League ball in the books, Andrew Vaughn continues to make a case for himself at the big league level. And with the rest of the White Sox lineup seemingly shaking off their offseason hibernation, Vaughn’s opportunities to showcase his skills risk being drowned out by (hopefully many) Luis Robert homers and (hopefully no more) Robert-Eloy Jiménez outfield collisions.

Now granted, it’s spring training, but Vaughn’s six walks in 22 at bats are an encouraging sign. He could be a refreshing contrast to some strikeout-prone White Sox DHs of recent memory. Skipper Tony La Russa has definitely taken notice of his batter’s eye.

As for Vaughn’s immediate future? Take every chance to shine, and maybe we’ll all be back here next week.

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