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Gamethread: White Sox vs. Royals

Dallas Keuchel emerges from recent engagement to begin his 2021 season

MLB: Chicago White Sox-Workouts
He’s back! Yep, Dallas Keuchel is alive and ready to make his 2021 debut.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s matchup brings us the first (of 200) meetings between the White Sox and Royals in 2021.

The KC Royals have plenty in common with the British Royals: They’re led by people a little TOO nosy and religious, they’re scared of Oprah, and they peaked in 2015 (KC with a World Series and the British with the birth of Princess Charlotte).

Some changes to the Royals since we last saw them include the addition of Patrick Mahomes to their ownership, Andrew Benintendi to their lineup, and Ervin Santana to Triple-A Omaha. Certified baseball genius Mike Matheny still heads up the Royals, and no word on how his book sales go.

The Royals are probably rebuilding, but who really knows.

Pitching matchup is Dallas Keuchel vs. Kris Bubic. Keuchel brings the fire and Bubic brings immature giggles at his name. You can stream the game via YouTube and catch it on the radio on ESPN 1000.

Happy Birthday to Leury García! The Sox should gift him with a win.