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Gamethread: White Sox at Mariners

Lance Lynn gonna try to put a whampin’ and a whompin’ on every Mariners batter tonight

San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
Big bad Lance Lynn gonna try to break open a can of whupass on the Mariners tonight.
Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

Well hey there, people, it’s time for one of those rare nighttime gamethreads that are so popular, especially when coupled with relative media blackout!

I’ll be Gamedaying it, so any cogent details you can provide in the comments will add plenty of spice and sauce to what is sure to be a juicy-delicious recap in the wee hours of the morning.

The White Sox send Lance Lynn out to the mound, and perhaps radio silence is the way for that big hoss to go, given his tendency to redass his way through difficult at-bats.

Intriguing storylines for this ballgame? Yermín Mercedes, whose gun behind the plate so far has been as potent as his bat at it, starts at catcher. Danny Mendick, who hasn’t had a great spring, clings desperately to the notion that Billy Hamilton will opt-out for a contract in Korea and Tony La Russa is not fond of carrying three catchers. Nick Williams in left field, ’cause why not, he’s had an OK spring and can at least make a case for a Schaumburg call-up in case Eloy Jiménez is not so lucky the next time he runs through an outfield wall a la Bump Bailey. Smoking-hot spring hitter Leury García is in the 3-slot, which on the face of it is hilarious — but what it really shows is that TLR has tired of hearing about how bad the White Sox record has been.

In other White Sox news, Jimmy’s Bicep is dead, long live Jimmy Biceps.

OK, what we got over on the disarray that is Seattle’s side?

Hope all the hideous service-time dicking will force the M’s to break camp with Jarred Kelenic. I remember way back when, and old friend Steve P was hyped to write a profile on glittering prep prospect Kelenic (straight outta Wisco) for our predraft coverage, although it never did come in.

All right, reminiscing mode off, let’s get to the ballgame.