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North Side Sox Podcast 11: Stirring the Pot!

Sam and Janice are joined by Zach Hayes of PitcherList for a spring training breakdown

After a brief hiatus, North Side Sox is back, and stirring the pot, as we are wont to do.

To help us stretch our legs and get ready for the regular season, we’re joined by baseball mind extraordinaire and White Sox fan Zach Hayes of PitcherList, to discuss some of our favorite spring training story lines.

  • While we love Yermín Mercedes, how does he fit in? We also discuss Jonathan Lucroy, Zack Collins, and the backup catcher contest.
  • The early spring showings of Dylan Cease, Carlos Rodón, and Jimmy Lambert have been impressive so far. Should we be worried about Reynaldo López? How far does the Ethan Katz effect extend?
  • A tale of two Adam E’s: What should we expect from the right field platoon?
  • Hot take SZN: Can Nick Madrigal win a batting title on singles alone? It’s been done once before in MLB history.
  • Enter the White Sox multiverse: If you were to staff a whole field of nine copies of the same White Sox player, who would you pick? Sam, Janice, and Zach give their universe-crossing answers.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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