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South Side Sox Player of the Week: Adam Engel

Will a bad hop at (ham) spring training (sorry) keep the Man of Steal down? 

Mitch Ransdell/South Side Sox

As a Sox fan, you’ve got to take the bad with the good.

One day, Adam Engel is walloping homers and making a bid for the cycle. The next day, he’s straining his hamstring. C’est la guerre.

Engel has been a highlight-reel hero for the Sox in past seasons, making some awe-inspiring leaps at the outfield fence. During the rebuild, those moments stood out, alongside Daniel Palka’s rookie year sluggerfest. They were something to tide us over, like Olive Garden breadsticks, before the promised hype of the future arrived. And, like Olive Garden breadsticks, they often ended up being the highlight of your meal.

Now, (re)enter Adam Eaton. Platooning in right field together will give them both some moments to shine, but Engel made a case for himself already this past week, going 3-for-4 against the Royals on Thursday, and pummeling a three-run shot against Seattle starter Marco Gonzales on Friday.

Once he heals up, Engel could definitely grab some moments in the highlight reels this season.

I’ll know that I’ll be watching.

On TV. At the bar. Inside Olive Garden.

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