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South Side Sox Slackcast 1 — A Text Podcast Sounds Exactly Like Something We’d Do

Brett Ballantini and James Fox spend a second or two on Slack debating the roster and the merits of Nik Turley

Cincinnati Reds v Oakland Athletics
Recent waiver claim Nik Turley is our Insider’s pick to break camp as the 26th man.
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

We’ve done some goofy things in my four years here, so don’t act like you’re shocked that a late-night meandering onto our South Side Sox Slack channel has now produced some actual copy for the site.

With time tight (work, White Sox, new baby, coaching track, and coaching a six-game spring football season), James Fox isn’t always ready for prime time these days. But I buttonholed our White Sox Insider for some quick thoughts on the coming roster crunch. And as it turns out, it’s insightful and clean (at least until the end!) enough to publish.

So here’s a glimpse into the inner workings of a big-league, top-notch, smooth-running, poised and ready, 24/7 Chicago White Sox website — or, in this case, the inner workings of South Side Sox. If you don’t get enough text messaging or IM content in your day already, boy, do we have the content for you!