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Eloy Jiménez Could Miss Season

His latest defensive misadventure results in a ruptured pectoral muscle

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago White Sox
Eloy Jiménez could likely miss the 2021 season after rupturing a pectoral muscle in Wednesday’s game.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We don’t really see ol’ larry around these parts any more, but he just wrote a lede better than any I can come up with today.

GM Rick Hahn announced that Eloy Jiménez’s latest misadventure with an outfield wall has resulted in a left pectoral tear (yes, the part of his body that was wedged onto the wall in his home run-robbery attempt yesterday) that will require surgery.

The reported recovery time for such surgery is five to six months. While many are optimistically surmising that puts Jiménez in line for a “September callup” of sorts, Eloy being ready by September 1 is the most optimistic take at present.

That he would have his physical and baseball rehab out of the way in time to make a meaningful contribution in September or even the postseason is a stretch. To rush a player back who’s committed to the White Sox through age 30, risking physical or even mental damage, is also likely unwarranted.

Sensational headline aside, it’s at least as unlikely he’s back right at the five-month mark than he misses the season.

Hahn also Hahnned a comment about the play itself: “He’s trying to make a play, and it’s hard for me to get upset with a player for trying to get an out.” Responsibility, dodged.

In a team sense, what’s worse is that the White Sox are left with no feasible options to replace Eloy. The top replacements come from a list of:

  • Leury García (ideally the team’s primary infield depth)
  • Adam Engel (injured)
  • Billy Hamilton (please)
  • Nick Williams (well ...)
  • Andrew Vaughn (the whole “might as well” thinking sort of ignores the White Sox are supposed to be a pennant contender, not forced into Bad News Bears moves)
  • Danny Mendick (ideally an infield backup, or in Schaumburg)
  • Matt Reynolds (hey, he subbed in yesterday, and ... wait, who is Matt Reynolds again?)
  • Luis González (too soon)
  • Blake Rutherford (ditto)
  • Micker Adolfo (are we going to keep listing stalled prospects?)
  • Yoelqui Céspedes (sure, why not throw this at him straight off)

Tony La Russa said today that Andrew Vaughn will be starting in left field on Friday vs. the Brewers.

Hahn said he felt no urgency to replace Jiménez, given the internal options available to the White Sox — all of whom are listed above.