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Dugout Metrics Podcast 4 — The Good (Oscar Colás), the Bad (Eloy Jiménez) and the Puzzling (final roster cuts)

Trevor Lines and Luke Smailes are back to talk Eloy’s future in left, Oscar’s future with the White Sox, and the popular favorite for final arm in the pen

Just when you thought you wouldn’t hear from the Dugout Metrics crew again until late May, BAM, we’re back. Trevor Lines and Luke Smailes are back to break down the Eloy Jiménez dilemma, Oscar Colás addition, and final roster cuts:

  • Can you “tell” a player — in this case Eloy — to play the field at less than full tilt?
  • Luke Smailes deftly sneaks “his guy,” Zack Collins, into a question about ... left field
  • Has the time come to state unequivocally bar Jiménez from left field? And if so, how does being a (young) DH ding a player’s overall value? (Bonus shout-out for Smokin’ Joe Resis and his 2019 SSHP study.)
  • How do the White Sox end up, year after year, with like a dozen DH-only types?
  • Is it absolutely insane, or just merely insane, that Andrew Vaughn is making his post-Little League debut in left field three games before Opening Day?
  • Yep, Trevor called Colás to the White Sox more than a year ago, in his first SSS piece! He provides a breakdown of his game, if reading isn’t your thing
  • The Ethan Katz connection will factor into the final pitching slot for the Sox, which is good news for Nik Turley

Listen on the Megaphone player above, or check out this and the entire family of SSS podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You can also watch the podcast at the South Side Hit Pen YouTube channel.