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South Side Sox Podcast 25 — The First Blooms of Cactus League Play

Joe Resis hops on with Brett Ballantini to talk about the initial game standouts, the Crochet/Kopech solution — and internships

South Side Sox Podcast 25 features Brett Ballantini and Joe Resis. Aside from Joe’s recent study program and Brett’s harrowing past internship, what was the scuttlebutt?

  • The early bright spots of White Sox gameplay, featuring Andrew Vaughn
  • The surprising twist in the Garrett Crochet-Michael Kopech 2021 story
  • Will there ever be another nine-inning Cactus League game?
  • The second base extras rule, continued
  • Brett’s favorite White Sox coach of all time
  • Stepping lightly given the nature of our host, jumping into the hotbed topic of the week, unpaid internships
  • Is there something noble in doubling down on exploitation?
  • How long was Brett working on the railroad?
  • The over/under on Joe running his first MiLB team

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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