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The Big Blurt Podcast 4 — Their Spring Train is Our Spring Gain

With spring training rolling, Rob Colletti and Bill Meincke look into the crystal ball with some predictions for the 2021 season

On this week’s episode of The Big Blurt, Rob Colletti and Bill Meincke talk about the offseason in retrospect, spring training, drunk Sox fans, and more! Tune in and get excited because the Sox actually are No. 1 at something! (consuming alcohol, according to a study)

On tap for today:

  • It’s almost shorts weather in Chicago!
  • Do the White Sox did enough in the offseason?
  • Is Lucas Giolito already out of the team’s price range to re-sign?
  • Early spring takes
  • Dioner Navarro somehow was traded to Seattle for Alex Colomé
  • Zack Collins vs. Joanathan Lucroy vs. Yermín Mercedes
  • Going gaga for Andrew Vaughn
  • Props to Jake Burger and his recovery ... and future at second base
  • Sorting out the bench, with Leury García and Adam Engel in key roles
  • Predicted top players for the 2021 season ... and underachievers

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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