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Gamethread: Sox at Cleveland

Gotta win one sooner or later

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
Will the redemption of Reynaldo begin today?
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The White Sox six-game winless streak is on the line this afternoon, with the chance to break it being given a big boost by Terry Francona.

Francona scheduled Shane Bieber to toss three innings today, but made that for the entirety of a kegger against the Reds this morning, so the Sox avoid the Cy Young winner. Instead, Cleveland begins with Scott Moss, who is (a) a lefty, (b) a minor leaguer, and (c) got hammered in his other outing this spring by a lineup Baseball-Reference graded as roughly equal to a mediocre slow pitch softball team.

To keep the game from being unfair, Tony La Russa is opening with Reynaldo López, who is making his first spring appearance in his quest to be part of the starting rotation, or, for that matter, in the major leagues at all.

The Sox, who have been a little wan at the plate the past two games, have relatively few anticipated starters in the lineup, but do have Luis Robert leading off. The Franciscan monk who had done many earlier lineups has St. Colette’s Day off, so the boringly-printed lineup is:

Cleveland likewise has given most regulars the afternoon off, which they probably need after this morning’s kegger.

A. Gimenez, SS
C. Hernandez, 2B
E. Rosario, LF
J. Naylor, RF
B. Naylor, DH
J. Bauers, 1B
O. Mercado, CF
A. Hedges, C
T. Krieger, 3B

S (not Sterling). Moss, SP

No broadcast of any sort in our turf, so it’s just the spring training Gameday that’s as skeletal as that poor Yorick guy Hamlet alased about. Still, it ought to at least provide the score.