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South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 1 — Pitchers’ Duel Dashed

Brett Ballantini and Sam Sherman break down Tuesday’s 2-0 White Sox loss to Cleveland

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox
Yep, a ridiculous, .040 xBA infield single from Roberto Perez was the GWRBI tonight.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

A bit of a crushing loss in extras for the White Sox, after a Lucas Giolito-Shane Bieber classic.

Brett Ballantini and North Side Sox Podcast co-host Sam Sherman debuted a postgame show that drilled down a bit into the White Sox loss, and took a short look around the league as well.


  • Yes, that Roberto Perez GWRBI in the 10th had an expected batting average of .040.
  • Over/under on Yasmani Grandal’s catcher’s interference calls this season? Tonight’s in the 10th was a .110 WPA play in favor of Cleveland.
  • The White Sox “offense” (three hits, no runs) broke the Win Probability Added box score
  • The Cubs had six hits in a comeback win tonight ... call the authorities
  • Oakland es en fuego
  • Top commenter in tonight’s gamethread: AnoHito, with 27 comments at recording time
  • obnoxious american with the top-rec’d comment tonight. Yes, I read it

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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