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Sharing Sox Podcast 32: Great Pitching Edition

But where is the hitting?

This week SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, do respectful oohing and aahing about the contest between pitching masters Lucas Giolito and Shane Bieber on Tuesday night, with some minor booing and bahing about losing the game.

The oohing and aahing continues for all the White Sox pitching lately, from Lance Lynn’s complete-game gem to relievers like Evan Marshall and Liam Hendriks recovering from their poor starts and making it look like the bullpen may live up to its hype after all.

Then the booing and bahing comes back for the offense, which isn’t living up to the smallest hype you could find, the team — less Yermín Mercedes — hitting an anemic .198, without much power to speak of. Sure, Adam Eaton and Danny Mendick are hitting fine and so was Billy Hamilton ... but the rest? Yikes.

So who should be sent down and/or out when Tim Anderson, Adam Engel and Hamilton return from the IL? We tell the front office who should go where (refraining from telling them where they themselves should go), but will they listen? Fat chance.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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