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South Side Sox Podcast 39 — Reviewing the Carlos Rodón No-Hitter

Brett Ballantini talks over the Carlos Rodón no-hitter with one of his biggest fans, and SSS comments leader, AnoHito!

The first pitch, from Carlos Rodón’s first-ever start, in 2015.

It’s been a couple of years since I first approached the irascible and energetic SSS comments champ AnoHito to contribute a bit more to the site, and have been gently rebuked.

All it took was one of his favorite players throwing a no-hitter to get him to reconsider!

In a first for the South Side Sox, but hopefully not a last, one of our active community members hopped above the fold for some podcast time! This Carlos Rodón-focused program hits some unexpected highlights:

  • Did AnoHito watch any of the no-hitter live — and what role did superstition play in his decision?
  • The London Fog of Rodón’s first start for the White Sox
You know how on some nights the fireworks smoke just hangs over the field? Rodón’s first start was one of those games.
  • The role that Hard Karl’s gaming persona has played in AnoHito’s fandom
  • Tracking how the rest of Rodón’s 2021 season could play out
  • Assessing the 6-7 start for the White Sox, and positive signs (road games, run differential) point optimistically to the future

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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