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South Side Sox Podcast 33 — Opening Day Postgame Show

Joe Resis and Chrystal O’Keefe hop on with Brett Ballantini to talk about a disappointing Opening Day loss!

OK, well, that sucked.

Somewhat amazingly, it was three SSSers living in the Eastern Time Zone who managed to limp onto the podcast to discuss that painful, fall-from-ahead loss in Anaheim tonight.

Topics broached:

  • Play of the Game: Tony La Russa’s non-challenge of the Nick Madrigal CS, or Madrigal’s botched throw that turned a double play into runners on first and second?
  • Wither Ashley Sanders?
  • A defense of Adam Eaton?
  • White Sox, where do we send flowers to the recently-departed Eloy Jiménez?
  • How long did BillyOK last — and are we all secretly envious of him?
  • Joe is to blame for this loss. Bet you can’t guess why
  • At what point did Chrystal shift from Vanilla Coke to tea?
  • Brett is to blame for this loss, because of a cockamamie idea to run two podcasts celebrating the return of baseball
  • When are we doing this again? (Next Thursday, for the home opener)

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and watch the podcast play out on video at that online hit factory, South Side Hit Pen’s YouTube channel.