Season ticket problems

For the first time in my life I bought season tickets. Wanting to see the team in this season and limited seating prompted me to do so.

I chose a 20 game package which they called Plan B. Chose my upper reserved seats in section 520, pretty low down. Not too bad especially compared to sitting in the same spot way down the line.

I've been clamoring to get my tickets because i want to finance my purchase by selling some of the games on StubHub. I won't be able to attend every date.

Here's the problem, even though I received an email stating the precise seats that I purchased, there's some weird disclaimer on there that says: As of March 12, new plan holders will receive priority access starting May 11. Please note: when selecting your ticket package seat location, you will have to adhere to physical distancing requirements while the ballpark is at limited capacity. The seats selected through these plans are not the current physically distanced seating pods for the season.

A man on the phone from the Sox ticket office tried over and over to explain to me why the seats I chose are not the seats I'll have.

I don't want to sit in the top row way down the line. I don't want to have to be the first to get in to the ticket portal to choose my seats for every one of the games I've paid for.

I want my seats that I chose, that I paid really good money for and I'm getting a sinking feeling that the Sox are conning me with the promise I'll get to sit somewhere without letting me sit where I clicked two seats and where I got an email telling me I have two seats in my section.

Maybe someone who understands this can guide me because I'm getting a little bit pissed at the Sox right now.

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