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South Side Sox Podcast 42 — A Sweep, a Six Pack, and the Power of Strawberry Cheescake Churro Cannolis

Brett Ballantini is joined by Chrystal O’Keefe on the heels of a four-game winning streak to talk fireballing Kopech and nine-finger Giolito

Just half of the Indianapolis Field Office, South Side Sox Flash Feature Writer, Six Packer, and Lead Baker Chrystal O’Keefe managed to hop on for a post-sweep, post-winning streak SSS Podcast 42. Yes, it’s the Brett & Chrystal Show!

Highlights of our talk together:

  • Apparently fellow SSS Indianapolis Field Office member Joe Resis was circling the block, hoping for one of those famous O’Keefe churros, instead of prepping for a podcast
  • Is it surprising how well Michael Kopech has hit the mound running?
  • Interesting, every Billy OK mention on the podcast seems to involve him napping during a game. Sorry, B O’K.
  • We had a two-O’Keefe gamethread recently, and the universe did not fold in on itself
  • The White Sox skipped Lucas Giolito’s fifth-day turn last week ... and now he’s missing starts after his water bottle mishap. Throw your ace every five days
  • New position for prospective White Sox intern Chrystal: clubhouse bottle opener
  • Amazing O’Keefe managed to juggle cooking dinner and wrapping up Sunday’s Six Pack, with no sauce splashes
  • Apologies for Brett’s annoying scraping noise, which apparently is related to his lame-ass apple headphones. The issues shall be remedied in future

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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