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Sharing Sox Podcast 34: La Russa Roast Edition

Wasn’t he supposed to be a great baseball guy?

Sharing Sox got recorded a day late this week, but a few minutes too early to include news about Garrett Crochet going on the IL with a back strain ... so, naturally, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, had talked about how his reduced velocity should mean Crochet gets hurt less often. Both will turn in their medical licenses.

On matters they don’t have to take back, it’s “Let’s Get Tony” week for pitching decisions such as the fiasco of leaving Lucas Giolito in waaaaaay too long, lineup decisions aplenty, and, to top it off, the imminent collapse of La Russa’s animal rescue charity and the waaaaaay too racist joke he told at a public event of the charity’s. All in all, a case of wondering just how La Russa’s alleged baseball acumen is making up for the arrogance and other baggage.

Then it’s on to arguing that Michael Kopech needs to be in the starting rotation — under strict pitch/innings limits — and bemoaning the bullpen and the catching situation. And, oh yeah — a little knocking of Stoney and Jason for calling the Sox schedule so far this year difficult.

In other words, a normal week.

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