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Meet the Players: Jeremy Karll

Yep, we’ve got two new additions to the staff! Jeremy Karll and his puggle, Sadie.

Like Colleen Sullivan, new to the 2021 lineup is Jeremy Karll, who hails from the northwest suburbs and currently resides in South Dakota. But while Colleen has already been with this group a year (South Side Hit Pen, Sports Illustrated), Jeremy’s first piece for SSS was just a couple of weeks ago, on Cactus League coverage.

Jeremy has legit sportswriting chops that he’ll bring to game coverage and Six Packs on a regular basis. While we are quite a friendly staff on the whole, you’re not going to find a more congenial White Sox fan out there than Jeremy.

You can also follow his White Sox takes on Twitter @KoreanSox.

Please give Jeremy a warm welcome, SSS!

Name Jeremy Karll

Hometown Northwest suburbs of Chicago

White Sox fan since Birth (Other than one day in first grade when my friends bullied me for being a White Sox fan, so I became a Cubs fan. That night, my dad asked me, “Are you sure about this?” and when I woke up the next day I decided to just hate the Cubs instead.)

First White Sox memory Watching games on TV with my dad.

Favorite White Sox memory I mean, 2005. But the first game I attended, on my 7th birthday, still sticks out. I hoped to catch a home run. I didn’t get one, but the White Sox beat the Devil Rays, 9-1, and Bartolo Colon pitched a gem.

There’s also the time I sat in Scout Seats behind home plate. The food was amazing, I never had to get up and the chairs were really comfy. The White Sox won 1-0 that day, and I was walking to the bathroom when they hit a solo home run. It was still amazing.

Favorite White Sox player All-time, Mark Buehrle. I was there when Buehrle’s number was retired, and growing up, every game I went to it seemed like he pitched. I wanted a little variety at the time, but now I want those prime Buehrle days back.

Now, easily Tim Anderson. He has a lot of swag and I like what he represents on and off the field.

Next White Sox statue Buehrle

Next White Sox retired number A.J.’s No. 12

Go-to concession food at Sox Park Dippin’ Dots

Favorite Baseball Movie, and why: Moneyball. That A’s team fascinates me. They had a lot of really good players on that team, and I love analytics.

Hall of Fame, yes or no?

  • Mark Buehrle No, but I wish
  • Joe Jackson Yes, but he won’t
  • Paul Konerko No, but I wish
  • Minnie Miñoso Yes
  • Omar Vizquel No
  • Chris Sale No

What’s your baseball position in our lineup (if you never played, what would you like it to be)? I was a shortstop growing up, but with my current fitness level, probably bench coach.

True or false: Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the part that isn’t thinking isn’t thinking of. Definitely true.