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Cryptosoxery: Final Spring Answer

Ozzie relates to the masses

Thinks get pretty crowded on SSS now that the regular season is upon us, so Cryptosoxery will be taking a break until at least October — we hope November.

First, though, the answer to last week’s quiz, a quote from the Wizard of Ozzie, back in his managing days:

The only difference between me and the fans is I can’t eat or drink during the game and you guys can’t make moves. Besides that, we are pretty much the same people.

I’d argue that nobody asks us for our autographs or screams at us on Twitter for pulling a pitcher at the wrong time, but otherwise Ozzie seems to have it nailed. Good to know that there was once someone in the White Sox hierarchy who thought about the fans with anything other than dollar signs on their minds.

So, that’s it until October. Or November. Have a good season.