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South Side Sox Podcast 35 — Turning Our Attention to Schaumburg

And see if you can sniff a terrible take on the current White Sox roster from Brett Ballantini and Darren Black!

Hey, look who’s back!

Our resident minor league update grinder and big-club analyst Darren (Black) Jackson hops on the podcast to talk about the near-misses of the White Sox roster. Nearly all of those near-misses have piled into the VW bus and driven north to Schaumburg, where they will work out at the alternate MLB site in hopes of getting into (or back into) the Show, not sent to Charlotte.

Key points in our tour of near-misses and four-A falderal, including a take on the White Sox roster that has proven hilariously bad three games in:

  • The pros and cons of Andrew Vaughn in left field
  • The unlikely battle for the last roster spot: Jake Lamb vs. Danny Mendick
  • Who’s the weirdest choice to break camp with the team? And how much do both Brett and Darren regret their pick, made last Friday, about right now?
  • Is there any hope of redemption for Reynaldo?
  • The loss of Bernardo Flores Jr. and the utter lack of starter depth high in the system
  • Who’s missing from the Schaumburg roster? Darren lists three surprises

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and watch the podcast play out on video at that online hit factory, South Side Hit Pen’s YouTube channel.