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South Side Sox 2021 Cactus League MVP: Lucas Giolito

Facing tough competition from our weekly winners (Vaughn, Engel, Rodón), White Sox ace “Bigfoot” Giolito stomped through Scottsdale this past spring

Though he didn’t win a weekly spring award, Lucas Giolito was impeccable in Cactus League play.
Mitch Ransdell/South Side Sox

Ahh, the signs of spring.

Birds singing, grass growing, cactus ... uh ... cactusing. And into that Arizona morning air, our Ace of Aces hurled his first strikeout of the spring. It would be followed by 29 more over 23 innings, a sure sign that our Bigfoot had woken from his hibernation feeling just as strong as ever.

Giving up only 10 hits and three runs this spring, Giolito was rock steady. Most notable was his final tuneup for the regular season, a March 27 outing against the Rockies where Giolito struck out nine and held off Story, Blackmon & Co. for nearly six shutout innings.

With a pitcher as passionate as Lucas Giolito, you expect to see him come roaring out of the gate. His showing in Arizona was no exception, and that makes it exceptionally easy to proclaim him our South Side Sox Cactus League MVP for 2021!

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