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Sharing Sox Podcast 31: Yermination Nation

Ups and downs of first week of the season

Naturally, the White Sox waited until SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, were recording this podcast to put Tim Anderson on the IL, so we talk about him maybe being back for the home opener. Guess that’s what we get for lashing out about the stupidity of ESPN’s apparent love affair with Tony La Russa.

Will attended the Little League game in Anaheim Sunday night — sorry, that’s unfair to Little Leaguers everywhere — and cringes in horror at the memory. Otherwise, of course, this is a paean to Yermín Mercedes, José Abreu being on pace for a 64 grand-slam season, Billy Hamilton’s .300 average, and the great pitching surprises from Carlos Rodón and Michael Kopech.

On the down side, there’s the awful defense to ponder, including wondering whether Nick Madrigal — a favorite of both but in a terrible funk — would be well served to spend time in Charlotte, if only there were a viable alternative. There’s the equally awful offense against righthanders to ponder, including whether Andrew Vaughn would be well served by some time in Charlotte once Adam Engel is back. And, of course, there’s a lot to worry about when it comes to starters other than Rodon and Lucas Giolito.

With any luck, though, by the time you hear this, the Sox 12-game losing streak against righties will be over, given they were facing the No. 6 starter of a terrible team on Wednesday afternoon.

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