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Pregamethread: Favorite Opening Day Memories

This is not the gamethread

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Hey, we’d like to get Opening Day off to a slightly early start without weighing down the gamethread.

So here’s a spot for pregame talk, and also to reminisce.

What’s your favorite Opening Day tradition? Or just ballgame tradition?

How about a favorite Opening Day? I actually don’t remember if I’ve been to a GREAT Opening Day. Definitely seems like I’ve seen more losses than wins. For all the fantastic wins I’ve seen over the years — undefeated over I believe 12 games in 2005, for example — Opening Day is not my strong suit.

If not the White Sox days of yore or personal traditions, what are you hoping for from this homestand, or this 2021 team? There’s been a ton of churn already in the season’s first week — remarkably, and thankfully, not with the pitching staff.

Brett will roll out the official gamethread closer to gametime than usual, to let this little discussion spot breathe a little as well. And who knows, if the rain wins the day and there’s no game to discuss, or a truncated one, maybe this is a spot where we can still gather a bit.