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North Side Sox Podcast 14: The Most Spectacular, Absurd, Profane and Accidentally Cogent Crossover Event in White Sox Audio History, Starring the Killer B’s

If you want to hear four of our finest podcast stars get together, crack some beverages, cuss out the worst of the White Sox and gush over the best, we present this hybrid mutant podcast that does eventually end, trust us

Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox
Thirsty? Do we have a podcast for you.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This is a podcast.

Well, OK, yes, this is a podcast. But it’s so, so much more. Really, though, it’s up to you to determine what it is, exactly.

When we flip the baseball card over, it says that this is the boldest crossover event to date in South Side Sox history, as the Killer B’s (Tommy Barbee, Keelin Billue) invade North Side Sox (Janice Scurio, Sam Sherman). The result is as many laughs and expletives as you can pack into 103 minutes of White Sox audio.

How do the Killer Side Sox/North B’s reveal themselves? Let us count the ways:

  • Host Daddy Mendick is wearing a salmon shirt, which turns him ribald
  • Killer B alter ego Horny La Russa is “not a big stats guy”
  • Tommy Barbee writes for South Side Sox so you don’t have to
  • Is 45-year-old Albert Pujols a fit for this team?
  • Janice is practicing cheerful nihilism this season
  • Do managers really matter?
  • Bigfoot Mercedes’ long road into Major League Baseball
  • Moneyball deleted scenes
  • A very long story about Jonathan Lucroy’s season with the Nationals
  • Jerry Reinsdorf has reached Bill Wirtz status
  • A Charles Comiskey seance preview
  • The Christmas lights mummy in Colorado
  • Daddy Mendick doesn’t understand why we fear death, and that invites a long conversation about covering games during a pandemic last year, and reintegrating into society this year
  • The power of the peloton
  • Sam’s Sleepytime Tea review

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with this and every episode of our entire family of South Side Sox Podcasts at Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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