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Sharing Sox Podcast 36 — Saving Baseball Edition

Plus, Will Allan takes a deep look at Dylan Cease’s toes

How can Major League Baseball be saved from itself?

On Tuesday night, Jason Benetti and Steve Stone got into a long conversation about the great need to reverse the trend to all-strikeout-and-home-run-Three-Basic-Outcomes games in order for baseball to once again become exciting and to have its fan base increase instead of dwindle.

Wednesday SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son, Will, usually the west coast correspondent but this week the living room correspondent during a visit to Chicago, took what Stoney and Jason were talking about and ran with it, looking at all the possibilities to make pitchers less dominant while also cutting home runs — complete with statistics and the advice to seek help from NASA, the Air Force, or Fermi Labs.

After that ranting and raving, the duo take a long and analytical look at Dylan Cease’s toes, and how the angle at which they point in his delivery are a complete indication of whether he’ll have control and/or command of where the ball is going.

Of course, there’s also plenty to talk about when it comes to the White Sox’s terrific week and the schedule’s terrific weakness, not to mention how Billy Hamilton’s running mitt means he only needs to fall down from his lead to reach the next base.

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