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North Side Sox Podcast 15: The Kansas City BBQ

Janice and Sam bring on Royals expert Kevin O’Brien to ask the questions we were all afraid to ask in April

The Kansas City Royals are a ball club in a state of flux going into May: their hot start in April where they once had the best record in baseball has since gone tepid. Going into Friday, they’ve lost their last 11 games.

They’re still packed to the brim with talent, and sit third place in the AL Central, 6.5 games behind the Good Guys. So what’s going on with those Royals?

To answer the questions on everyone’s minds, we brought on a friend whose work on Royals coverage we deeply admire: Kevin O’Brien, a.k.a. the Royals Reporter. Kevin’s grassroots coverage started in 2019 where he wanted a forum to share his thoughts on the Royals along with his passion for baseball and sabermetrics.

Our deeply informative conversation with Kevin includes:

  • Royals prospects and rookies we should keep our eyes on: Kyle Isbel, Brady Singer, Sebastian Rivero
  • Danny Duffy’s hot start
  • Other Royals on a tear: Salvador Perez, Whit Merrifield, Carlos Santana, Andrew Benintendi
  • A walk down memory lane: the Royals actually won a World Series with Ned Yost as manager
  • Kevin wrote not long ago that he believes the White Sox and Royals will contend for the AL Central. We ask him why, and if he expects Cleveland, Minnesota, and Detroit will put up any kind of fight for the division.
  • Kevin shares his KC hot spots with us: BBQ, cool neighborhoods, and a place we’d love to visit someday: the Negro Leagues Museum.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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