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Best Bits of of the White Sox Week: May 7-14

Six out of seven wins means that a week of games even against the Royals and Twins ended up full of highlights

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game Two Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

“Best Bits” in a week that includes games against the Royals (ew), Twins (gross) and Royals again (c’mon now!)? You betcha, just scroll on down.

Issued a challenge to come up with a new weekly feature for May, we took it on with this simple snapshot of some of the top scenes from each week of the season. Sure, you may already have seen several of these highlights, but here’s our most eye-popping moments over the last week, with the White Sox winning six of seven.

T-Mobile Roaming Award for Over-the-Shoulder Catches: Tim Anderson (May 7)

Eight Is Enough in the First Inning, Sponsored by TVLand (May 8)

Epic Records Say What! Surprise Triple Award: Yermín Mercedes (May 9)

Wiffleball Funtime At-Bat Award: Tim Anderson (May 9)

Ziebart Defensive Fundamentals Award: Yoán Moncada (May 10)

The attention is going to go to the relay throw from Nick Madrigal, which is how this highlight is labeled, in fact. But while Nicky’s throw is quick, its accuracy solid, execution is not great, short-hopping Moncada. It’s YoYo’s great stab and tag, impossibly executed and quick, that cuts the runner down at third.

NordicTrack Don’t Always Walk Award: Yasmani Grandal (May 10)

Tired of all the debate over walking being ... bad (?) ... Yaz flips the script.

Swift Transportation Heavy Load Dazzler Award: José Abreu (May 11)

Hummingbird Co. Wings-Flapping Award: Billy Hamilton (May 11)

One of these triples is not like the other.

First Company HVAC Presents the First Homer Award: Andrew Vaughn (May 11)

Not a cheapie.

Swift Transportation Heavy Load Defensive Dazzler Award: José Abreu (May 11)

Really impressive hustle out of the box from an almost-definite hit from Miguel Sanó there, too.

Prince Spaghetti as Appetizer Award: Tim Anderson (May 13)

First-pitch home run? No better way to start a game against Minny.

U.S. Steel Unfair Defensive Range Award: Billy Hamilton (May 13)

GEICO Unsafe Driving Award: Hunter Dozier (May 14, Game 1)

Ring Magazine Take a Dive Award: Leury García (May 14, Game 1)

Johnson & Johnson Teamwork Award: Andrew Vaughn & Michael Kopech (May 14, Game 2)

All credit due Vaughn for the diving stop, but how about the presence of mind from Kopech, sprinting to the bag to get a speed burner like Jarrod Dyson by a hair on a bang-bang play?

First Company HVAC Presents the Second Homer Award: Andrew Vaughn (May 14, Game 2)

Again, not a cheapie.