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South Side Sox 2021 Player of the Week (ending May 14): José Abreu

A graphic pummeling and quick comeback capped our MVPito’s powerhouse week

Mitch Ransdell/South Side Sox

Old blood and guts Abreu.

After his colossal collision with bulldozing Dozier sent waves throughout the baseball world, José Abreu sent a clear message: He wanted to keep playing.

Expect no less from a player who has given every ounce of himself to his team.

It’s that gritty work ethic, that grimy, dusty, broad-shouldered mentality that defines Chicago, that has always lent itself to the South Side working class.

And it’s not just in the home run he hit on Saturday against the Royals, his first day back in the lineup. It’s the hugs he gives his teammates, the shouts of encouragement. He leads by example.

Always fight to play, and play to win.

What does it take to be a leader? Crack open that dictionary. You’ll see José’s bruised, bandaged, and grinning face right there on the page.

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2021 MVP Standings

Carlos Rodón (38.0)
Yermín Mercedes (36.9)
Michael Kopech (21.9)
Lance Lynn (20.9)
Dylan Cease (16.7)
Dallas Keuchel (16.3)
Tim Anderson (12.8)
Luis Robert (11.8)

2021 Cold Cat Standings

Leury García (-30.6)
Evan Marshall (-23.9)
Matt Foster (-18.7)
Adam Eaton (-16.2)
Nick Madrigal (-12.7)
José Abreu (-11.3)
Yasmani Grandal (-10.9)

South Side Sox Writer Standings