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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 3 — Birmingham on Fire, Kanny ... Not

Darren Black hops on again with Brett Ballantini to review the ups and downs of the White Sox system, through two weeks

The second edition of SSS on the Farm was so damn good, we duplicated the scene this week, as Weekly Update writer Darren Black comes back to review the system. He and Brett Ballantini run through most of the streakers and flaggers in the White Sox minors so far this season.

Here are some of the highlights of our affiliate tour:

  • OK, so Darren still isn’t wearing his Vox/SBN/SSS-issued “Down on the Farm” wear, but Brett wears his proudly
  • Explanation for the Kanny (1-11) Madness
  • How big an advantage does Matthew Thompson and Drew Dalquist have as 2019 draftees vs. 2020 draftee Jared Kelley?
  • Benyamin Bailey needs to add weight? Benyamin Bailey needs to add weight! Dude might make Eugenix Frank Thomas look small by comparison once he does
  • Get your Kannapolis Second-Half Division Winners gear ready, people
  • Kudos to Dan Metzdorf, who is the first (and perhaps only in 2021) player on two Cold Cats lists — good enough to be promoted from Low- to High-A, but with two bad outings so far
  • What are you hiding from, SSS scouting ace Dan Victor?
  • Birmingham doesn’t just have the solid slugging bats so far this season, but some stellar starting pitching, with Konnor Pilkington possibly turning the corner early this season
  • The good and bad of Blake Rutherford’s stellar week in Charlotte
  • And Jake Burger is thisclose to the majors, who’d a thunk it?

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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