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Sharing Sox Podcast 37: Unwritten Rules Edition

But what about the written ones, you blithering idiot?

In this week’s edition of Sharing Sox, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, show incredible self-control by not delving into the world of 76-year-old arrogant jerks until the second half of the show — though they have a whole lot of fun when they get around to it, including a desperate search for Ken Williams’ and Rick Hahn’s respective manhoods.

First off, though, there’s a whole lot of oohing and aahing about Lucas Giolito’s Wednesday performance against the Twins, great admiration for Billy Hamilton’s game-saving defensive work at the May 13 game the duo got to attend, and perhaps a gentle chuckle or two about a mysteriously garter snake-like route they watched Andrew Vaughn take on a routine fly ball. Mix in some observations on the Sox starting pitching in general, and it’s time to get to the occasionally DUI-ed elephant in the room.

Once there, well, the conversation ranges from the rule that you praise in public and chastise in private, to the question of who the hell should actually be chastised — whether for actions of a baseball nature or a human nature, to very serious questions of why Williams and Hahn don’t have the guts to tell Jerry Reinsdorf that if Tony La Russa isn’t gone, they will be. As for who has an office and who has a locker — maybe it’s time that office got moved into the third stall from the left.

And, oh, yeah — a theory, and a really good one, thanks to basketball coach Rick Pitino, of why a certain White Sox .130 hitter gets walked so often.

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