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Gamethread: White Sox at Yankees

Watch out for some “Damn Yankees” jokes

Starter in the middle!

The White Sox roll into New York high on fumes from an all-around messed up week in Minnesota (hey, turns out our manager is cool if you throw at his own team!) so they’re looking to win in spite of, well, gestures towards the manager’s office the wrestling heel who’s currently in charge of the team.

After a couple (many) of years toiling around below .500, the White Sox are finally 10 games over while leading the AL Central. The Yanks are six over and coming into a series that won’t have Corey Kluber or Domingo Germain pitching, on top of the perpetually injured Giancarlo Stanton and other injuries. So where does that leave them tonight?

Yankees have tapped Jordan Montgomery for tonight’s series starter. He’s been inconsistent this season due to some command issues. His worst start off the season was during a recent 10-6 loss to the Orioles. He’s also a lefty not named Mike Minor, so, you may have an idea where this could head, quickly.

Carlos Rodón is returning to the hill after his first and only loss of the season. He’s looking to get back that dominant story and prove that his start wasn’t a fluke (spoiler: it wasn’t — Rodón is awesome).

I’ve seen some minor rumblings about this being a preview to the ALCS, but that remains to be seen. The Yankees are sitting in third place in the AL East, and have some players that are made of LEGOs (Aaron Judge, Stanton) spending more time on the IL than anywhere in the field. Granted, the Yankees have moved beyond their dumpster fire April start, but they’ve just beaten teams that aren’t giving us anything to care about (sorry, Rangers fans). I’m guessing this storyline is born from the rest of the American League being pretty meh in month two of the season. It’s still early.

Here’s how everyone is lining it up tonight:

Tune into NBCSports Chicago, ESPN 1000 for your radio folks, and MLB.TV for our friends outside the area at 6:05 Chicago time.

You’ve got Ashley Sanders again at Six Pack of Stats, but you’re stuck with me for the recap.